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My name's Mr Bouroubey Mohamed and i'm of the life Marketing Agent, Top Models Media Marketing Agent and from autorisations of occupations of fonctions After are past one aptituds come Operators on Financial Market in Borse to the "NORELAN" Agency (Pôle-Emplois) of Bourg en Bresse City, france in 2014 who drive me to power occupates the function in right and in the autorisation of occupates they next fonction by equivalence from one company or from one situation of particular to particular or others :

Operators on Financial Market in Borse
Analysors of Market
Consual of Sales
Consual in Market Sall

dictates that i'm of the possibility of power your drive to regularisar your certainly administrativs problem from they next situations :


1°_ Drive your person to minimalised your Financial charge to your insurances from your litigious which she , from your offers of they technics medium to offers in international therms dicted from they now loice of offers from litigious situations from therms of go to pay from minimalised the ammount of payment to your insurance from offers of directions of situations to go etablished .


2°_ Your go decouvert from this is page , one solution intermaydiar of the sectors of the domains of sales of bthe sectors AGRICOLS , in go offers to of they agricols company of go etablish this is solutions for they drive to one diversly technics solutions from one sources of sales of here Agricols products then go decouvert this is applications for decouvert from she they futur possibilited of Investments sources from call to investors today this is best that tommorrow then directing to the page concerned.

From this is offers that i go your explics your go have one chance in plus of they now offers etablished by your country to this is types of comapny in insurances or from autorised for go dynamised a profil types of sectors of market to say in shop&sales and egually from others types to etablish from go the usates, for say your have not to pay me for the moments at your go pay me to moments or from one graduals of news go your communics of parts in OK which they offers that i have communics to your !

The price of payment of this is prestations of my parts and of just

60 Euro

this is price concerned just my prestations of communications who is possible of up in price to maximals of

80 Euro

from acceptations from this is solutions your Driving to pay in minimals your company in insurances from litigious situations .

who egually go your drive to pay they charge in considérations of my fonctions from acceptations of this is solutions offers realised by me for and from autorisations of prestations from retirment right applicativs

to say to a price of

120 Euro .



your have not to pay me for the moments at your go have to pay me to moements or from one favorables response your have be communics from your insurances company or from the central of affairs of the company of your insurances to a ammount of 

150 Euro 

Then go your directing to the page 


for plus of news !

Thank's to your of your intentivs !

Mr Bouroubey Mohamed 


Mr Bouroubey Mohamed 

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